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Jaffa Cakes Calories and Nutrition Facts

Jaffa Cakes, with that perfect combination of sponge cake, orange and chocolate, taste almost too good to be true. With all of that taste we think you are going to be amazed by the very low number of calories in a Jaffa Cake. So here, without further ado, we are going to tell you about Jaffa Cakes calories and nutrition.

Can you guess how many calories are in a Jaffa Cake? Well it’s certainly a lot less than the calories in a normal cake or biscuit. One Jaffa Cake contains just 45 calories. That’s just 375 calories per 100g. So how can you burn calories from Jaffa cakes? Calories can be burnt easily. The number of calories in a Jaffa Cake is the same number of calories burned in just ten minutes of brisk walking.

When we talk about calories in food, we really mean kilocalories. One kilocalorie is 1000 calories, when a calorie is the amount of energy that you would need to heat up one gram of water by one degree centigrade. So food calories are all about how much energy you are giving your body and the activity or exercise that your body could do with that energy.

Now to the other nutrition facts: It’s already obvious that if you are a calorie counter, on a diet and trying to reduce your weight, or just concerned about your health and fitness, Jaffa Cakes are a good way to have a tasty treat that is low in calories. But the other great thing about the nutrition facts for Jaffa Cakes is that one Jaffa Cake contains just one gram of fat! That’s just 1.5% of the recommended daily intake for fat for an adult.

Just a bit more nutrition information to go: In one Jaffa Cake there are 8.4 grams of carbohydrates, that’s 70 grams of carbs per 100 grams of Jaffa Cakes. And Jaffa Cakes also have protein: 0.5 grams per Jaffa Cake. The last of these important nutrition facts is the about the fibre. Jaffa cakes have 2 grams of fibre per 100 grams.

22 Responses to “Jaffa Cakes Calories and Nutrition Facts”

  1. Aaron Westrop Says:

    Fitness and muscle information is great and so useful for everyone. Thanks for the information.

  2. P. Martin Says:

    Does JAFFA cakes and JAFFA Mini cakes have Gluten? As I have a Gluten allergy and therefore, wish to know if this item contains any gluten or traces?

    I thank you and duly await your response on this matter.

  3. Kate Says:

    Hi P. Martin,

    Yes, normal Jaffa cakes do contain gluten. However, some supermarkets stock gluten-free jaffa cakes- for example I think Asda (UK; part of the Walmart chain) stocked them last time I checked.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i <3 jaffacakes

  5. Lesley Says:

    going to eat one then yummy

  6. tamar Says:

    how mamny calories?
    i love them
    i love all the packets
    ive ate four today
    i first tried them may 14

    love tamar xxx

  7. Harrrry :) Says:


  8. Harrrry :) Says:


  9. Harrrry :) Says:


  10. jigglypuff fan Says:

    jaffa cakes from Lidl are the best

  11. Yaffakakur Says:

    I love jaffacakes,i landed ten of them delicious lil ufos today,and now im feelin high :)

  12. ciaran Says:

    I landed 12 today :L

  13. Timmy Bolbini Says:

    I landed 700 today and managed to loze weight. I love jaffa’z more than i love my ability to live and breath. Jaffa’z are my life, so all you haterzz, take yo’ hatin’ elsewhere. For my Birthdai I landed 1 jaffa.. It wasn’t a normal jaffa no sir. It was a massive jaffa bigger than your usual wedding cake. It had tiers on it as well. SO MUCH ORANJ GOODNESS!!!

  14. Andy Beans Says:

    My maximum was 3 “yards” of jaffa cakes in a day, each “yard packet” is 5 normal packets, meaning I ate 180 jaffa cakes that day. 8,100 kcal didn’t feel too good afterwards.

  15. John eather Says:

    This is brilliant, only 1 gram of fat

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I eat a packet a day :)

  17. Thebe Says:

    I LUVVV JAFFFAZZZ!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !

  18. Josh.K Says:

    LoL imagine Lord of The Rings but insted of the nine rings and stuff imagine jaffa cakes ;P

  19. Lisa Says:

    I can’t just eat one or two. I have to have the whole packed!! I know - I’m a pig! I’m trying to loose weight and realised that these don’t help on the level I munch them!! <3

  20. Diane Coupe (Ms) Says:

    Hello to all of you Jaffa Cake lovers. I am with you all the way!

    I actually purchase ours from Aldi, probably the same as Lidl as both produced in Germany. They also do a raspberry one which is lovely, but not quite up to the orange standard me thinks.As far as I can see they are gluten free.

    I tend to eat too many and will try and cut down,although so pleased they appear to be quite a healthy nibble. Very healthy but don’t want to push my luck!!

    Nice to have the opportunity to participate.

    Happy Jaffa Caking everyone.

  21. Duncan Says:

    70G of carbohydrate (aka sugar) per 100G of jaffa cake!!!! That is an obscene amount of carb. I love a Jaffa cake as much as the next person but we have got to forget our obsession with low fat foods and recognise that anything above 10G of carb per 100G product is a high sugar product 9 unless it has lacings of fibre and 2G of fibre just doesn’t cut it).

  22. jj Says:

    Thanks for info

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