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Jaffa Cakes

This is our site about Jaffa Cakes. The market leaders in Jaffa Cakes are McVities, but McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes are not the only kind you can find. Most supermarkets do their own make of Jaffa Cake, and we are sure there must be many other places to buy them. Why not leave a comment below if you can recommend to our readers a particularly delicious type of Jaffa Cake?

So down to the description and I’m sure if you have never tasted one, you had better try one soon because you are missing out on a truly delicious delicacy. Jaffa Cakes are a type of cake but they actually look more like biscuits. This has lead to some controversy about whether Jaffa Cakes are cakes or biscuits: you can find out more about this issue by following the links below. A Jaffa Cake is a bit smaller than a Mcvities digestive biscuit, but is definitely not like other Mcvities biscuits. It is a type of very light and airy sponge, topped with a type of orange jelly, which is covered with dark chocolate.

Mcvities have recently brought out new flavours of Jaffa Cakes ranging from blackcurrant to apricot, but the traditional orangey Jaffa Cake is definitely the most famous, and we think the tastiest. But you might disagree, and we are definitely willing to admit that we are wrong if contradicted by popular opinion, so why not leave us a comment if you are a great fan of a different flavour of Jaffa Cake and tell us why you like it so much.

Before you visit the rest of our site to find out more about Jaffa Cakes, why not leave a quick note to tell us which part of them is the best. Is it the light airy sponge? Is it the orangey jelly? Or is it the chocolate? (Mcvities chocolate we think would definitely take some beating!)

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43 Responses to “Jaffa Cakes”

  1. joan cuthbert Says:

    bought jaffa cakes but had no jaffa orangey bit.

  2. janet poland Says:

    Please can you do some more diffrent flavours i.e apple, peach, mango, bannana,blueberry.

  3. Freda Logan Says:

    I’ve always loved jaffa cakes have even tried them dipped in garlic dip, it was scrummy yummy. Mc Vities are the best jaffa cakes

  4. Bob Crabb Says:

    Jaffa cake cakes made in Belgium delicious.
    Jaffa cake cakes made in Britain disgusting,shall not be buying anymore of these,McVities have also reduced the size of cakes

  5. Stacey Says:

    I am originally from England, but have been in the US since I was 12 years old….I absolutely LOVE Jaffa Cakes, and they recently started selling them at ALDI’S in orange and raspberry flavor…I’m so happy about this!

  6. Rachael Says:

    Hay they are so moreishhhh
    i hate opening them cuz you can just eat and eat

  7. Blakey from the OCBYN surf club Says:

    Jaffa cakes are neither a cake or a bIscuit.

  8. Erin Phillips Says:

    I am doing a persuasive talk in school and I have chosen to persuade people that a Jaffa Cake is a CAKE and not a biscuit. Any pointers?

  9. Elaine Johnson Says:

    I like pulling the layers apart and dissolving each one separately in my mouth. the jelly is the best for me.. McVities are very delicious, as are Lu Pims Jaffa Cakes. NOM NOM NOM

  10. Sona Downy Says:

    Your web page doesn’t show up properly on my iphone 3gs - you might want to try and repair that

  11. janet poland Says:

    Please can you do some more diffrent flavours i.e apple, peach, mango, bannana,blueberry.

  12. Pierre Roome (Imperium) Says:

    Yours is one of the few of pages that runs well on my new Ipad. Good work :)

  13. dawnk1@live.co.uk Says:

    Can i just say i love jaffa cakes which i eat intead of any other choclate,as i am on a diet lol any way was out buying eastereggs for all my family i thought to myself how lovely for a nice big choclate egg with mini jaffa’s inside will they be doing this if so WHEN!!!! LOL

  14. Shawn Says:

    I WANT SOME BLOODY JAFFA CAKES!!!! i live in the US…. and i hears there amaising! I WANT SOME NOW!!!

  15. amy francis Says:

    we are having a dabete about weather the7y arecakes orbuiscuits

  16. Jaben Says:

    I live in the U.S.A, could you start selling here please? i wanna try them. Just make sure to start in Ohio!

  17. Michael Kirkland Says:

    Dear Jaffa-cakes CEO,

    Please start exporting the Jaffa Cakes to the United States. Many people I personally know (around 1,000 people) would like to try jaffa cakes

  18. Oscar Vega Says:

    Sell some damn cakes here in the US.

  19. baigy boy Says:

    I dont like jaffa cakes - but wheh i do eat them, boy I cant stop

  20. Nicole Says:

    I would love to see jaffa cakes come to the US becuase,the only way to enjoy them is expensive shipping from amazon -.-.please it would AWESOME if you could!

  21. jamie Says:

    I HATE DARK CHOCOLATE, makes some with milk chocolate pleaaaaseee! Oh and possibly make the strawberry jaffa cakes covered with white chocolate I would buy you all out then :P

  22. Kathy Keeley Says:

    I think Jaffa cakes are quite good emergency food for people who have lost their appetite and are in an environment where there are lots of foods they are not sure about. Jams (including marmalade) are also good for this purpose,

    Kathy Keeley

  23. Lynn Says:

    Hey! I would love jaffa cakes to be in the US like at a major retailer like Walmart,Target,and etc……I mean i tried out prims but would LOVE to try out Jaffa Cakes!

  24. not-giving-out-muh-name-man! Says:

    ok, i haven’t made em,
    but im sure that they taste great!

  25. Mike & Ken - Barringtons Says:

    Hi, Can you tell us when the Blackurrant Jaffas will be available again here in the UK.. we check ASDA / TESCO & Morrisons on a weekly basis now.. Sad I know but we just love the taste :o)

  26. Richard Says:

    I think Mcvities Jaffa cakes are not as good as they used to be they’ve got less jelly bit from when I was a kid and the sponge seems dry I was disappointed the first time I had them for years.The other brands seem better. Lidl have really good home brand jaffa cakes and they also do different flavours.
    I will conduct a tast test of all the different brands and let you know.

  27. becca Says:

    omg i love you so much for making jaffa cakes, jaffa cakes are my lifeeee!jaffacakes.1
    omg i cant thank you enough for creating jaffa cakes

  28. Kathryn Says:

    I LOVE Jaffa Cakes. they are my favourite food. I think different fillings and flavours would be amazing. I like how you can get different sizes. I was my birthday recently and i had THE BIG ONE jaffa cake cake which was AMAZING! Also i shop at sainsbury’s and they have there own brand of jaffa cakes which are much cheeper. There not quite them same but close enough i now feel less likely to buy the proper jaffa cakes which are more expensive. I cant really se much of a way round this but i think it is a big issue and i am not the only one.

  29. Sandy Varcadipane Says:

    I love the raspberry ones. I used to buy them in Aldi but they don’t carry them anymore. I would like to find them somewhere.

  30. Lisa Bennett Says:

    Tried Jaffa cakes on a friends recommendation. I’m hooked. But could only find orange at a local Scottish bakery. The said they can’t get the raspberry. I love raspberry. Is there a place in the USA, in Michigan, in the metro Detroit area? Please?

    Lisa Bennett

  31. Anonymous Says:

    why is there apricot jam in jaffa cakes not orange jam

  32. Kelly Webster Says:

    I loooooooooooooooove Jaffa Cakes

  33. arjanit Says:

    I think Jaffa cakes are biscuits because you eat them with your fingers and cakes you eat with a fork

  34. Dan Says:

    Jaffa cakes are so nice, I really want some.

  35. Angel Says:

    Jaffa cakes are my most favourite food ever! I always bought the Orange and blue boxes from Aldi but they don’t sell them anymore and I have been without Jaffa cakes for months and it’s getting to me! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE.

  36. jaffacakelover420 Says:

    r they biscuits?

  37. Phil Hibbs Says:

    You can get a much wider variety of this kind of cake in France - blueberry, raspberry, agrumes (mixed citrus), etc.

  38. Gary Baker Says:

    Love your orange cakes with a coffee in the morning. Too scrumptious;have to restrain from eating a whole package at once!!.

  39. Nic Houghton Says:

    There is definitely less jam in them than 40 or 50 years ago. it used to go to the edge.

  40. Max Says:

    Jaffa cakes are my favourite biscuit. Full of apricot goodness.

  41. Laura Says:

    Where can we buy the other Jaffa cake flavours please?

  42. jaffalover123 Says:

    i love jaffas, im very excited about the 100 jaffa jaffa cakes that mcvities have recently brought out for £4 :)

  43. poppy Says:

    Hi Jaffa, ive had an idea. Why dont you make white chocolate jaffa cakes,and if you do send me some free ones for my good idea, and if you dont, then please send me some normal ones.

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