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Jaffa Cake Recipe

So what are Jaffa Cakes? You already know that Jaffa Cakes are sponge cake, orangey jelly and chocolate. But how could you make a Jaffa Cake? Here we will tell you about the Jaffa Cake recipe.

We are not going to give you a recipe with grams or cups and complicated stuff. Instead we are just going to tell you how to make a Jaffa Cake simply and easily. Think of it like making some cup cakes with low fat sponge. So first you need to get yourself a non-stick cup cake baking tray (you can grease it with a little oil as well if you want to make double sure your Jaffa Cakes wont stick).

You can find many fatless sponge recipes available, so here are just the basic principles: You need eggs, sugar and plain flour (a good ratio is 4 medium eggs to 100g/ 4oz caster sugar and 100g/ 4oz of flour), remember, no fat! Whisk the eggs and sugar until you get a creamy white mixture that is stiff enough to write a letter before the trail has disappeared. Sieve the flour and then re-sieve it gradually into the egg mixture, cutting the flour in with a large metal spoon (make sure you don’t knock the air out!). Now you can pour your mixture into your baking tins and bake at 150 degrees centigrade for about 20-30 minutes, until the cakes are golden brown and springy to touch.

When baked, turn the cakes out and leave them to cool. Now comes the inventive part. You can really put anything into your Jaffa Cakes recipe that you want. Normally Jaffa Cakes have the orangey jelly centre, but you could make them whatever flavour you want. Here are a few ideas for fillings that we think turn out great: orange jam, marmalade, thick orange jelly (try using orange jelly cubes but reduce the amount of water you add to make up the jelly), any flavour of jam to taste, lemon curd or even Nutella. Whatever you decide is going to fill your Jaffa Cakes, spread it generously over the top of your cakes once they are cooled.

Lastly comes the chocolate. We recommend using dark chocolate, but milk or white chocolate would work just as well if you prefer. Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water. When melting your chocolate in the microwave, be sure to use a bowl that is clean and dry, and check the progress of your chocolate every 30-60 seconds. Do not be tempted to heat the chocolate for too long or it might burn. If you are melting the chocolate in a bowl over hot water, boil the water first and then turn off the hob. Put your glass bowl over the hot water and stir your chocolate with a spoon. Again make sure that your bowl is clean and dry before you put the chocolate in.

Once you have melted your chocolate spread it generously over the top of each of your Jaffa Cakes and then pop them into the fridge to cool. There, done! The perfect Jaffa Cake recipe with no fuss to make the perfect Jaffa Cake for any taste!

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  1. Annie Says:

    Wow! A real recipe. This beats those Jaffa cake style muffins and other second class impersonations of a Jaffa cake any day. Delicious :p

  2. Ian Says:

    Thank you! Living in the Himalayas we don’t have access to Jaffa Cakes unless they arrived mushed and melted in a care pack. But now we’ll be able to make our own until we get down from the mountains and can enjoy the real ones!

  3. Pat Says:

    Thank you; it’s an interesting approach to the recipe. I live in a food-challenged backwards part of the world… Yes, the USA. My wife tried to foist some PiMs on me.. but they are a poor subsitute.

  4. Hanna Says:

    Great recipe, I made a huge one and my son absolutely loved it, thank you so much!

  5. courtney and summer Says:

    we both made our boyfreinds one and they went down a treat and when i say they want down a treat they did :0
    we even made some jaffa cake drink i am writing from the united kingdom northamptonshire.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    Absolutey fab!!!!! I made one big cake, can’t believe how much it tastes and looks like the real thing.
    My kids love it, i am making another one now for my 22 year old son’s birthday. Great, easy recipe, thanks!!!!

  7. Cuban Recipes Says:

    Great recipe, thanks for sharing!

  8. Trish Says:

    Thank you for this recipe. South African shops do not seem to sell jaffa cakes.As of course, everybody knows how addictive these little treats are, discovering this on your website has made me REALLY HAPPY !!!

  9. ali Says:

    I need recipe for jafa cake making in factory. please.

  10. Londonsgirl Says:

    My boyfriend in british and just went home to visit. He was excitedly telling he enjoyed some jaffa cakes today, just like when he was a boy, eating the spong first and letting the jelly n chocolate melt in his mouth. I would love to try the real thing, but hope I can make these close enough to suprise him for his birthday. Thank you!!!

  11. Luke O neil Says:


  12. Hollie Wright Says:

    Yummy, this will never compare to the real ones but definitely better than the cadbury ones etc

  13. Hollzibaby! Says:

    Taasty food, luv youu’s for doiin it.
    :* x x x x x

  14. hamzah Says:

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    then came a car
    the first couple jumped in
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  15. steven Says:

    jaffa cakes are cool

  16. Anonymous Says:

    For the topping/jelly cook vanila puding in the orange juice.

  17. Curly Says:

    MHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ty jaffa cake ty Yogscast

  18. Andrew Says:

    Great recipe!!!! Me and my friends are OBSESSED with Jaffa cakes now! JAFFA CAKES FTW!

  19. Honeydew impersonator Says:

    Mmmmm These are good!

  20. Dave Says:

    I am hungry now :D


    I would love to try this as one large slab in a tray so that it can be cut into squares.(the size of a swis roll tin)
    Any idea of the quantities, oven temp and length of cooking time please ?

  22. shawn Says:


    (the cakes taste awsome by the way)

  23. Adam from USA Says:

    Thanks for the recipe…and Thank You Simon from the Yogcast!

  24. Simon Says:

    Free jaffas. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  25. tina Says:

    My 3 year old, obsessed with jaffa cakes has been diagnosed lactose intolerant…. thanks to this recipe he can still scoff his fave jaffa cakes…. thank you!!!!!!!!

  26. Emily dunn Says:

    My mate says apparently the orangey bit is made of apricot!!?? Can someone stop my world crumbling an confirm for me that she is lying?

  27. Jacob G. Says:

    Jaffa cakes are super sexy. i love them

  28. Haz Says:


  29. Honeydew Says:


  30. anndrew Says:

    there so tasty im eating them now:)

  31. Cab Says:

    I made Jaffa Cakes from this recipe the other day and they tasted absolutely divine. They tasted much better than shop bought!

  32. Jaffa lover Says:

    omfg this was the best recipe ive ever tried

  33. Nicko Says:

    thanks for the recipe

  34. werwrw Says:

    I love ur jaffas

  35. jaffacakelover420 Says:

    i still dont know if there biscuits

  36. Christian A-Kempf Says:

    this is by far the second best recipe for Jaffa Cakes ever…

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